A powerful multi-function and configurable Discord bot.

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Greetings (with style 😎)

  • - Say welcome, goodbye to your members with a custom text, image or both !
  • - Spread your creativity by customizing colors, background and more
  • - Show your love for your members by wishing them a good ban 😈

Moderation 🚨

  • - What is a Discord server without moderators ? That's a good question
  • - All commands your moderators needs are here, ban, kick, mute, warn and many more !
  • - Discord police is in your hands 🚔

Endless Fun đŸĨŗ

  • - Let your members have some Fun in your server !
  • - Many commands with many (or not) utilities
  • - Never stop the fun, you can even create a russian roulette game đŸ”Ģ

Image Manipulation đŸ–ŧī¸

  • - A bunch of commands that destroy your images, really does.
  • - But not only, Image category also contains a lot of Image Bank for many stuff like cats, dogs, food and many more !
  • - Now grab your best pictures and abuse them đŸ¤Ē

Social interaction 🤝

  • - An awesome list of Social commands that will bring activity to your server
  • - Hugs, kiss, slap and many more actions that you can do with your friends !
  • - Have you ever wanted to kiss your secret crush ? You can now but... not in secret đŸ˜ŗ

Information ℹī¸

  • - Be sure to never miss an information on your server !
  • - Server, user, role, channel and even invitation links, there's nothing that can escape you.
  • - You always wanted to know how many of your members are playing Minecraft ? Use our currentgames command 🎮

Helpful utility 🎛ī¸

  • - Never too many utilities!
  • - Starting from translating a text to adding custom reminders, you have a wide choice of commands
  • - This category of commands is mostly for lazy people like me so if you do not want to open your browser to search for a youtube channel, you may use Koya 🖱ī¸


RSS Feeds 📃

  • - Get super duper news from your favorite website with RSS feature !
  • - Add your feed then customize it with message, mention and more
  • - Create specific roles that are mentionned only when a new article drops 🤩


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