A powerful multi-function and configurableDiscordapp.

Welcome new members

Send greetings to your new members with a custom text, image and more! Spread your creativity by customizing colors, background, font and overlay.



Moderate your server with a wide range of commands. From simple ones like kick and ban to more advanced ones like purge and mute.


Fun and Mini-games

Generate server activity with our fun commands. Calculate love percentage with your friends, ask magic 8ball a question, mix two usernames, etc!

Play mini-games like hangman, rock paper scissor, russian roulette, bingo and more.


Image Manipulation

Create hilarious results with our manipulation commands. To view all of them, use the /help command! We have 25 image manipulation commands.


Social Interactions

Add social interactions to your server with our commands! There are many actions to discover, start now by typing /interact in your server.



View full size avatars, banners, server icons and emojis! You can view detailed information about users, roles, channels, invites and more.


Search and Utilities

Search provides a large amount of commands to search for something, it can be youtube videos, covid stats for a country, fortnite player stats, and many more!

Utilities are commands where you can translate your text, add reminders, create quick polls, execute mathematical calculation, define words, set an AFK status, etc.


RSS Feeds and Subreddits

Subscribe to RSS Feeds from your favorite website to receive every new articles. Add custom message and custom role mentions. Filter articles with specific words.

Follow subreddits to receive every new submission posted. Add custom message and custom role mentions. Filter submissions by words and by NSFW/Spoiler submissions to ignore them or only post them.


One Piece World Tour

Play our exclusive One Piece game on Discord! Create your profile by choosing your class and your race then join the seas to become the Pirate King.

Complete quests, battle against mobs and bosses, catch den den mushis, sail with your boat, defeat players in the colosseum and more!

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